The Research Essay

The Research Essay
The research essay is a paper that presents a research. Your instructor has to give you a topic and your task will be to discover all possible literary sources on the topic, read them, amalgamate the central idea in all the works and crystalize your own point of view on the topic and the facts in the literature. As you have already realized, this task is going to be time-consuming and somewhat difficult because of a good deal of information that you have to study.
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The research essay is a customary assignment in universities. So as to perform well on this task, you should have great investigative skills. You must be capable of making a deep analysis and summarizing details. It is not a task for underachievers. A person who cannot create a thesis statement, determine the central problem of the topic or organize received results in graphs or tables will not make this essay. A student has to ask himself/herself a question that will stimulate a research. He/she must use the sources in the approved manner. Besides, formatting rules ought to be followed precisely. The title and the bibliography pages have to be formatted correctly. All of the in-text citations have got to be strictly formatted too. MLA, APA or other formatting manuals will provide you with basic information associated with different writing styles.
The research essay starts with the topic. The professor can give you a topic, a list of topics to select the one you like the most or ask you to pick your own topic. Start generally in the introduction and go deeper into the subject matter in the body section. The purpose of the research paper is not to summarize all the sources that you have read, but to find a contradiction in opinions of different authors or present your better-quality idea about the topic. Accordingly, the problem is to see the inconsistency or to form a better idea in your mind. After you have understood what to talk about it will be much easier for you to complete your task.

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