What is Narrative Essay?

What is Narrative Essay?
A narrative essay portrays a subject and reconstructs a period of time in the life of a person, people or a country. It depicts good and bad experiences. Nevertheless, sometimes a professor requires some definite characteristics from a student’s narrative composition. A narrator (a student) interprets his/her own experience or the experiences of other people. It depends on the task stated by a professor. That is why, with the object of writing a good essay of a narrative nature a student needs to consider his topic and task first. Then, he/she must investigate the experience that he/she is going to expose. The reader must realize why you have chosen this experience (if you had a choice). Make a plan of your paper yet to come and start composing a draft.
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A great narrative essay follows several basic rules. It does not state what happened but recreates the event in a colorful manner so that the reader could feel him/herself in the midst of the event. The information in the paper is given gradually the way it happened in the real life. The reader must not understand from the beginning what happens next. The successful document will not mention the details, which do not move the story. The reader has to know only what he/she has to know in order to understand the story.
A narrative essay basic structure necessitates the introduction that will present the topic, explains the significance of the experience that will be revealed in the paper and prepares readers for the information that is to follow. The introduction must hook readers’ attention and motivate them to read on. However, you can also start narrating without introducing the topic. In the last part, as a conclusion, you will say a few words about the topic and its importance. You must believe that several papers later you will be a first-rate writer.

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