Basics for Writing an Essay

Basics for Writing an Essay
When you get completely confused and don’t know where to go, that is where you start messing up things and make them difficult for yourself. Writing an essay creates same situation with students especially for those who are seeking help but find none.
Internet has now become a tremendous source for providing information, guidance and help. One can find a world on his/her desktop and it is easy to work on even those projects that have never been heard of. Coming back towards writing an essay, we are quickly concluding 10 basic steps in this article:

1. Topic Selection: if you are assigned one, then this step should be eliminated. If not, then let us tell you 3 secrets for selecting the best topic
• Brainstorm the topics of your interest
• Select the one that appeals to you the most
• Choose one which you are familiar with

2. Research and Analysis: This could be the first step if you already are assigned a topic. Research your topic on the Internet and in published journals. Don’t rely on just one source of research. Take out the important issues relevant to your topic and make note of it. Analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Also analyze your argument that should be of a real importance

3. Brainstorming: A genuine and an original piece need your brilliance. Ask questions that arise in your mind related to the topic and look out for your answers.

4. Thesis statement: The technique for finding a thesis statement within the essay is to pick such points on which you can write as few pages. Remember. your essay will be surrounding the thesis statement which has been summed up in a short and concise sentence. Before or after writing thesis statement in your essay copy, state the importance of thesis statement, as your readers may not know its role.

5. Creating an outline: stretching up your essay without a proper outline is just like writing without purpose. Bullet form is very helpful in creating an outline. Create an outline for each paragraph. Structure your arguments too, as that will help in giving your essay a unified look.

6. Introduction: A grabbing and interesting introduction is one that builds up an issue and brings out the argument from the essay topic.

7. Body paragraphs: Write more than 2 body paragraphs stating out a new dimension in each. Describe your argument and include evidences or examples to prove it. Support the thesis and indulge the reader in your content.

8. Conclusion: Wrap up the discussion gracefully and make a concluding point at the end. Including a quotation will do your job gracefully. Make your reader memorize the main points, not by restating, but by giving them a new concluding touch.

9. Format: The essay you are writing on, best topic style. See the related websites for correct guidelines. The sources and references must be cited at the last page.

10. Language: Usage of correct grammar, transitions and flow should be rechecked. The tone, rhythm and adjustment reflects your skills for writing.

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