What Are Common Graduate School Admissions Essay Questions?

What Are Common Graduate School Admissions Essay Questions?
Some graduate school applications don't specify the topic of the admissions essay; they simply request an autobiographical statement. Others provide more firm guidelines on what topics applicants are to compose their personal statements. Most programs as general questions, like the following:
Career Plans:What are your long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself, career wise, 10 years from now?
Academic Interests:What would you like to study? Describe your academic interests. Which professors in the department would you like to work with?
Research Experiences: Discuss your research experiences. What areas would you like to research?
Academic Objectives: Why do you plan to attend graduate school? Explain how graduate school will contribute to your career goals. What do you plan to do with your degree?
Clinical and Field Experience: Discuss your clinical and other applied experiences. How have these experiences shaped your career goals?
Academic Achievements: Discuss your academic background and achievements.
Personal Experience: Write an autobiographical essay. Is there anything in your background that you think would be relevant to your application for admission to graduate school? Describe your life up to now: family, friends, home, school, work, and particularly those experiences most relevant to your interests in psychology. What is your approach to life?
You'll probably find that most of your applications require similar kinds of essays, but this doesn't mean that you should write a generic essay for all of the programs to which you're applying. Tailor your essay to match the program to which you're applying. Your goal is to show how your interests and abilities match the program and faculty.

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