Formatting Your Essay

Formatting Your Essay
Your academic essay will not only be judged on your writing and how well you present your evidence (and the quality of that evidence regarding how it supports your thesis), the printed format for your essay is also important. In addition to showing that you know how to follow instructions, a properly formatted essay is also easier for the instructor to read and grade. (You want as many things in your favor as possible.)
The information in this section is given as a common example of what is expected in such formatting. It's important that you follow the guidelines set forth by your professor because papers that fail to meet the expected standards are usually penalized, and in extreme cases, are sometimes rejected outright and not graded.

Common formatting instructions include the following:

Print (or type) your essay on regular white, 8½″ × 11″ paper.

Staple the pages together (unless instructed otherwise).

Use at least 12-point type size throughout, in a regular serif font, such as Times New Roman or Courier.

Double-space the text.

Set up margins of at least one inch on all four sides.

Include a title page.

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