Grade point average essay writing

Grade point average essay writing
Grade point average or simply GPA is a common way to measure students' intelligence not just on university campus but in overall schooling system as well. In fact, utility of GPA is a matter of controversy and debate as it measure only a part of human intelligence, which is scholastic and is closely related to the IQ scores.

Thus, GPA is not a perfect measurement for students' intelligence as it may reflect general learning habits along with some peculiar traits of character such as prudence, consistency, and curiosity, while ignoring the fact that there are some special abilities and skills that could not be fully measured by GPA and its alternatives. So here we are stumbling in front of two substantial terms of any social inquiry and they are "reliability" and "validity".

According to those validity subtypes GPA is not competent enough to be eligible for all types of validity. For that matter, GPA's reliability is significantly affected as well. It may be concluded that GPA has enough traits to be granted with face and construct validity, while as criterion and content validity are neglected. Hence, GPA is sufficient to measure academic intelligence and study habits with some percentage of systematic errors. There is no many ways repeatedly measure the same characteristics of human intelligence with different methods, so that there might be identical results. The only trustworthy alternative that may assist in getting the same results is IQ testing, yet traditional IQ testing is also limited in its capacity as it ignores such important instances of human intelligence as social and emotional intellect.

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