Writing Narrative essay

Writing Narrative essay
"When I was about ten years old my father took me to another beautiful place in Yosemite National Park. It was a very small lake and in its centre there was a large rock. I saw some older children sunning themselves on the rock and wanted to join them but my father didn't want me to. I pleaded with him to please, please let me swim to the rock, and finally he told me that I could. I was so happy!.."
In your narrative essay you can tell about :

Your most exciting childhood experience.
Your summer trip to an exotic country.
Your usual morning routine.

You may start your essay with some general statement, quote, proverb or fact that will reflect the essence of the episode you are going to describe. This statement helps the reader to get the meaning of the whole story.

Write in the first person, as it ensures a closer contact with the reader and adds a personal touch to the story. Your reader must be an active participant of the story, involve him in the narration. If you share your point of view with the reader, it will capture the reader's interest.

You should embellish your story with real-life, vivid details to produce a lasting impression on your audience. In the conclusion of your narrative essay you must come to some meaningful conclusion resulting from the described story.

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