Diversity in Successful Organizations: A Critical Look

Diversity in Successful Organizations: A Critical Look
An organization or team is built to achieve a purpose. It is composed of different

individuals with different characteristics, beliefs, and ideas. Once we become a member of a

team, we accept the fact that we will be doing a specialized task and we will be working with

other people. Thus, forgetting our individuality for the pursuance of that common goal is a must.

But conformity to this collective effort will still depend on many factors like administration,

efficiency, and policies. This paper will discuss the various policies, reports, and statistics that

will help evaluate the role of diversity in the success of an organization (Hickman --).

Some companies like the Lockheed Martin team (Lockheed Martin Corporation 2006)

accept the diversity of its team members, particularly the different councils of the company that

have specialized functions. They recognize the fact that having employees with different skills,

backgrounds, perspectives, gender, race, experiences, appearance, beliefs, career orientation, and

lifestyles will make them more effective and successful in bringing service to the global market

by extending the coverage to more people. However, they are more concerned in the

performance of their employees. They work in a collective way and they are also aware that

these differences compliment each other.

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