Sample of Deductive Essay on Philosophy

Sample of Deductive Essay on Philosophy
It is often said that the wish for cognition is one of the most important forces that drive a human being onwards; at least, a human being that has reached certain level of development. It seems that human, if given enough time and power, won’t stop until he knows everything that is there to be known. The only thing that separates him from absolute knowledge is the necessity of death; and, as we will show, in more than one sense.
On the one hand, human cannot achieve absolute knowledge for the sheer reason of his life being limited – the information that belongs to collective knowledge of humanity even now exceeds the possibilities of what one man can learn in a lifetime, and the potential knowledge that remains unattainable so far should be of really gargantuan proportions. Yet, we see that people are not confused by the limitedness of the possibilities every separate human has; in their majority people of knowledge are quite satisfied to learn as much as it is possible for them and even more – if they are capable to add something to the existing knowledge.

But, on the other hand, if we consider for a moment a possibility of a human being becoming immortal, will it actually give him an opportunity of attaining complete knowledge? If we take it for granted that the Universe is cognizable, then it will be possible for him in his infinite life to learn everything; but in the end, one final mystery will remain – death. There is no way to learn anything about it by observing it from outside, for in this case we only see it – well, from outside, and perceive only its influence on physical matter.

The one who wants to know everything will finally become exceedingly attracted by death, for it will remain the only unlearnt thing for him. It is often said that great knowledge doesn’t bring happiness; in fact, the more person knows, the less happy he is. Isn’t it a kind of reverberation of what we have said above? Isn’t it this attraction to one final mystery that cannot be learned until you go through it on your own, and once you will, there won’t be any possibility for you to impart this knowledge to anyone?

Anyway, as we may see, complete knowledge is impossible for a human being; at least, in the state in which we consider ourselves to be humans.

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