Essay Writing in Formal Sciences

Essay Writing in Formal Sciences
Although formal sciences, such as Mathematics, are normally associated with numbers, essay writing is a common task used to evaluate the student’s abilities to carry out an independent research, select the necessary information and present it in the form of a continuous text. The general principles of structure are the same as for any essay type. However, there are certain peculiarities which have to be taken into account:
First, the style of this essay should be highly formal and abundant in passive constructions, especially when it comes to data interpreting section.
All the sentences are supposed to be complete in structure, clear and concise, providing verbal links for formulas and other graphic materials.
Language of a formal essay should be very neat so as the reader wouldn’t get distracted by long and complex constructions.
A formal science essay should have a title page, an introduction, a main body with appropriate section headings, a conclusion and a list of references to justify and prove citations.

In the introduction present the question with a minimum necessary scientific context, formulate the thesis and provide definitions for the terms used, as well as focus on the general approach to the topic you have chosen to elaborate.
The main body must be divided into several sections with appropriate headings, and develop the subject in a concise and logical way, state the reasons for the point of view, support the thesis with relevant data, presenting it both in graphic and verbal forms and state references for all sources of information used.
The conclusion should serve as a summary and restatement of the purpose of essay, the main objectives of research and thesis. It should provide briefly and concisely the formulated conclusions, explaining reasons for them.

Essay Writing in Formal Sciences 8.4 of 10 on the basis of 1981 Review.