Essay Writing in Applied Sciences

Essay Writing in Applied Sciences
Essay writing is one of the most widely used means of knowledge assessment in applied sciences. There are certain peculiarities that you should take into account when writing an essay in this field:
The style of the applied science essay is supposed to be formal.
Syntax is characterized by total absence of the elliptical sentences.
It is highly desirable to avoid bullet points lists, as they all must be verbally described and presented.
Successful completion of the task depends greatly on the amount of background reading. You are expected not only to read through a vast amount of background information, but to choose the best references and carry out a critical analysis of the problem. A well-structured essay should introduce the topic and justify it as a scientific problem. The issue in question must be thoroughly considered and summarized in its logical conclusion. The essay may also include analysis of the experimental part, if the topic presupposed an independent research attempt.

The structure of a typical applied science essay is characterized by the usual division into introduction, main body, conclusion and a list of references.

In the introduction, the aims and objectives of essay must be formulated and the problem must be analyzed in the interrelation and interconnection with the broader scientific context. Then, thesis has to be stated with the reference to the topic. Finally, the terms used and the general approach to the scientific analysis must be presented.
The main body should be divided into sections with appropriate headings, which present clear logical development of the subject, state the reasons for accepted point of view, use relevant data to support the argument, present data both in graphic and verbal forms and state references for all sources of information used. Essay writing in applied sciences is often a way to present research results and proposals, thus, a separate section must be devoted to the experimental results’ analysis.
The conclusion of your essay restates the purpose and thesis as well as presents the output and their justification. Finally, the list of references, including all works cited in the text must be provided. For more information on citation styles, consult our Formatting styles section.

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