Literature Essay Samples

Literature Essay Samples
Literature reviews are difficult assignments that require you to carefully analyze the works which were written by the experts in a certain field. This task is especially challenging because a student who is not enough experienced in the area is expected to evaluate the works written by the people who are well-familiar with it. If you feel not enough confident in your skills, literature review samples will help you to sort out the problems.
If you are going to look for the literature review samples in the Internet, you should be aware that not all of them are able to meet the necessary requirements. Thus, you need to learn how to distinguish between high and low quality examples. With the help of this skill you will be able to choose the best sample from the rest.
The literature review sample should include the following parts:
This part is aimed to attract the readers’ attention and explain the background of the literature work. There should not be any technical terms and abbreviations. The section should be written in simple understandable sentences using active voice.
There needs to be an examination of the sources that were analyzed and explanation how the author found them. The section should be specific and clear. If the author used key words, they must be indented. Moreover, there should also be brief comments on the sources that the author decided not to use and why.
This is the most important part of the literature review. Here the author should comment on the significant features found in the sources. The author needs to evaluate the literary works according to the following characteristics:
1. Quality of the work (whether the sources are trustworthy).
2. Ways of data collecting.
3. Originality and creativeness of the works and ideas that were presented in them.
4. Things that need to be improved.
5. Interpreting effects. Was it difficult for the author to understand the literary works’ messages?
In this section the author should briefly inform the readers on the most significant points of the literature review.
Further research
In a paragraph or two the author needs to comment on the necessity of the further research.
In this section the author is expected to provide a list of people who contributed to writing the literature review.
This is a list of works that were cited in the literature review.
If you manage to find the literature review samples that meet the above requirements, do not hesitate about their high quality. Without doubt, they will help you with completing your own paper.

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