Essay On Smoking

Essay On Smoking
Smoking is a dangerous habit. However, there are really many people who smoke. Of course they understand the harm that a cigarette can cause on the humane organism. But still they get used to smoking. There are various reasons that make them do that. Some of them need to manage with their stress. The others have a lot of friends who smoke, and they present a group of social smokers. One more group of smokers is presented by non-smokers. Non-smokers are people who do not smoke on their own, but they breathe the cigarette smoke with its dangerous components. So even though they do not smoke, they are under harming influence of cigarettes. So there are numerous aspects for discussion that consider smoking. That is why essay on smoking is a good chance to go deep into some of them.
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In order to make it easier for you to find some good and fundamental ideas for your paper on smoking, we have decided to mention some of them in this article.
So we have started discussing in the introduction that there are various reasons for people to smoke. That is why it will be really interesting to find out all possible reasons of smoking. We are pretty sure that you will be shocked with some of the reasons that you will find. If you are a smoker, of course you may mention your personal reason for smoking.
It is rather essential to mention the practical harm of smoking. In this part of your paper you may mention that tobacco smoke provokes lung and heart diseases, worsens the state of oral cavity hygiene. Teeth become yellow or sometimes even brown in those people who smoke. Cigarettes can cause some local influence on the tissues of the oral cavity by having high temperature in the process of smoking. But of course the most serious danger of smoking is presented by the possibility of development of cancer, which unfortunately in most cases earlier or later leads to death. That is why the common phrase that smoking kills is the real truth.
So now you have some basic ideas for your essay on smoking. We are sure that they will be only a good start of your creative work and you will certainly think of many other ideas for a paper on smoking.

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