Get a Useful Advice on How to Cite Research Paper

Get a Useful Advice on How to Cite Research Paper
When you work on a research paper and expect to get a high mark for it, than surely a question of how to cite research paper comes to your mind. Since the bibliography is one the most important parts of the structure of your research paper you need to know how to cite the works by others authors whose ideas you used in your paper. Besides, you must have a clear understanding of the purpose of quoting the sources and to remember to take it in your future assignment.

Keep in mind, that there are many rules which are related to the research paper or essay writing. It is necessary to be familiar with such rules to keep away from difficulties in your academic life. Remember, that any research paper should be arranged in such a way so as to suit completely any kind of academic requirements. And now let’s try to define the main rules of a research paper quoting. Use them during your research paper writing process and be sure to prepare it well!

1) First of all, you will need to refer to different sources of information while completing a research on your topic. These are various books, test books, journals and Internet resources. But remember, that it is wrong to use someone else’s findings as your own. Besides, it comes under criminal offenses when you make use of someone else’s copyrighted data as your own. Such doings are officially named as plagiarism. Thinking of how to cite research paper you should keep in mind, that plagiarism can damage your academic career essentially.

2) In your future research work you will have a special section dedicated to quoting the resources you used. This special part may have different headings, such as “bibliography”, “references” or “works cited”. But all of it comes down to the one thing – giving due recognition to those who have made any contribution to your writing assignment.

3) The best way to make a high quality references is to write down all the sources you use, marking the page of the book where you found suitable phase you want to quote, noting book’s or article’s heading, name of the author, data of publishing and so on. In such a way, you will definitely not overlook any of them.

4) You may find it difficult that there exist many different ways of how to cite research paper. There are in-text quoting options and also options of quoting it all together. You should pay special attention to these conditions if you want to be able to cite the sources for your research paper correctly.

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