Literary Analysis Essays

Literary Analysis Essays
Literary analysis essays present your objective interpretation of a particular piece of literary work of art. You should not mix them up with critical reviews that can simply provide your readers with your personal evaluation of a book. Literary analysis presents an interpretation that is based on facts, not on suppositions or personal beliefs. While analyzing your book or story, you should pay attention to the setting, plot, forms of narration, theme, author’s tone and imagery. As a rule, you should pay a special attention to imagery and discuss how the author makes use of expressive means and stylistic devices, such as metaphor, metonymy, simile, comparison, epithet, hyperbole, irony and others that you can find in the text.
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Literary analysis essays should be subdivided into introduction, main body and conclusion. Generally, introduction will present a short summary of the particular book and formulate your thesis. The main body will support this thesis by analyzing the literary components mentioned above. It is not always necessary to analyze all of them. As a rule, you will have to choose at least two or three issues. Weigh over thoroughly which components you are going to analyze and how they can prove your thesis.
Setting will be concentrated on the trivial routine details, which form the environment of your text. Setting usually includes geographical details or historical times. The commonly known components of the plot include exposition, complication, knot, climax and denouement. A profound analysis of the plot structure will be very helpful for you to reveal the author’s intentions. Forms of narration can be numerous throughout the entire book, so you will have to choose only a couple of textual parts that prove your point of view. Also, a work of art will deal with more than one theme, so it is up to you to choose the one interesting for you.
So, you see that literary analysis essays can analyze a great number of subjects and the profound analysis of a literary text will take pages. So, before you start writing you will have to narrow your topic, make up an outline and stick to it while working on your paper.

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