English Literature Essay

English Literature Essay
An English literature essay is something you are sure to be assigned if you are a literature student. There’s no need to be afraid of the task. Of course, it has the peculiarities of its own, just like any other essay or paper, and you are to follow some particular form, structure and format. Besides the general standards and requirements, every instructor may have the requirements, preferences and expectations of their own and you are to mind that as well. So before you start completing the assignment make sure to study all the guidelines attached.
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First of all, let’s distinguish the typical topics of an English literature essay. They can be various. You can choose anything related to the field of literature: any writer, any work of literature, any literary genre, any literature period or any literature trend. Let it be something you are genuinely interested in. What can you tell about a lot? What do you want to learn about more? What would be interesting for you to research? Also mind your audience. What don’t they know yet? What would you like to tell them or teach them?
Make the topic medium-sized. Pick up a strong argument to centre the writing around and defend it in your essay. Think of a catchy, intriguing and promising thesis statement. This will help to hook up the readers and keep them reading till the very end until the promised proofs of something new, interesting and unexpected. Show your knowledge and understanding of the topic, the author, his/her work or views and intentions as well as the entire period.
Remember, that the very first stage of the writing process is planning. Schedule your time, plan what sources to use, what notes to make, how to structure and organize the paper and allocate the time for each stage of the process. An English literature essay presupposes some creativity; this is literature anyway. Choose an interesting perspective and style for your essay. However, mind your imagination and creativity not to take you away from the main topic. Stick to the point and avoid all the excesses. You still have got the page limit.

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