Essay on Mathematics – Making An Essay Out Of An Equation.

Essay on Mathematics – Making An Essay Out Of An Equation.
Mathematics is a word feared by most students and an essay on mathematics is something which most students would do anything to avoid writing one. Of course, as many students will vouch for, this subject is very taxing and quite difficult to understand. But apart from solving problems and equations, there is also something that is called a math essay which though sounds difficult is actually easy to write.
Maths is not only solving problems. An analytical essay may also be written involving the various fields of maths. As for example in algebra where problems are solved by creating linear equations using constants and unknown variables, one can write an essay on the different methods of solving such equations. In Calculus, one works with minuscule quantum and aggregating the same for a known range. This has got almost “philosophical “ interpretations and an essay can easily be written based on these philosophical implications. Geometry, the field of measuring shapes and lengths, is widely used in problem solving and essays on geometry can be simple brain teaser essays on geometrical problems. Trigonometry, the field of maths made famous by Pythagoras, involves inter relations between the angles and the ratios of the lengths of a triangle. It is also a fascinating subject for historic essays involving Pythagoras and his times.

One can also elaborate on the application of mathematics in various fields and this can also become engaging reading. For example, trigonometry was widely used in ancient greek-o-roman times for warfare where it was extensively used for calculating the oppositions gambits and artillery positioning. Geometry found its use in designing shapes of objects and it would be interesting to show the co-relation between the geometrical calculations and the shape of a daily use object like a car body. An excellent essay subject would be the presence of mathematics in the underlying rules of nature. For example, Fibonacci Sequence is not only a mathematical sequence but is also the pattern followed by sunflowers as they grow outside. This unique mathematical sequence has also led to the creation of a literary form called “Fibonacci poetry” .

So as we an see a technical essay, an analytical essay, a history essay or even an essay on poetry can be written on mathematics. And however unappealing and tedious the job of writing an essay on mathematics may appear, some specific knowledge on the subject and with a little bit of imagination will make the task easier and help the student write a perfect maths essay and pass the exams with flying colors.

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