Essay On Truth And Courage – May The Truth Prevail And Courage Withstand.

Essay On Truth And Courage – May The Truth Prevail And Courage Withstand.
When a writer sits down to write an essay there are various types that he can choose from according to requirement or according to his choice. He can write an analytical essay, a critical essay, a discussion essay or maybe a personal essay. The writer can choose to take up a subject and wish to write on that or he may wish to give instructions on some thing he feels the reader needs to know about. It is completely upon the writer as to how he wishes to communicate with the reader. There are so many topics the writer can choose from to convey the message. An essay on truth and courage is all about life and the various moral values attached to it.
There are various ways to write an essay on truth and courage. If the writer wants to write about his personal life and his experiences with courage and honesty then he may write a personal essay, a detailed version of the same story can be written in a narrative essay, if he just wants to give an opinion on the subject he will have to write an opinion essay and if he wants to convince the readers about the good effects of truth and honesty then he may try to do so via a persuasive essay. So it can be seen, it is completely in the hands of the writer as to how he wants to paint his picture and convey his message to the readers.

Right from childhood a person is taught about basic moral values both at home and in school. In school the curriculum includes subjects like moral science, value education and other religious teachings which speak about these basic moral values. Truth or honesty is one such basic value which is very important for a person to be have a sense of fulfillment in life and be happy. “Honesty is the best policy” is indeed correct and still holds true most of the time. One must be truthful not only for other’s sake but also for his or her own sake. Being dishonest to oneself is not only cheating others but also cheating oneself and in the long run will only bring unhappiness and a sense of unfulfilled desires. It takes indeed a lot of courage to be honest even in adversity. To be able to stand up for truth and honesty even when the world is against you will make even the most courageous person shake in fear. Thus to be courageous it is not physical strength that is required but only ample mental strength will give a person courage to defy even the world when needed. Everybody is frightened of something or the other. It is only human to do so. But it is only the courageous who will strive to conquer and overcome this fear. The moment a person fears something he becomes a slave to that fear psychosis and the moment he breaks out of that bond he becomes free. There is only one life to live and one should live it according to his wishes and not be frightened of anybody or anything.

So an essay on truth and courage will cover these basic moral values and signify their importance in our daily lives. Personal experiences, interesting anecdotes, inspiring quotes will add up to the value of the essay and words strongly formed will persuade the reader to believe in these moral values and thus follow them.

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