Synthesis Essay – Mix And match But See That They Gel Together

Synthesis Essay – Mix And match But See That They Gel Together
Synthesis essay as the name suggests is a writing in which a single topic or a specific idea is explored or researched by examining multiple ideas or concepts on that topic. So it will be a combination of different ideas from various sources which the writer will have to critically analyze. So it will involve the nature of a critical essay along with an analytical essay and frame them correctly within the outlines of a synthesis essay.
This type of essay is often given as research paper work to students as it gives a very good idea on research methods, critical and analytical thinking and how to work with various resources and gather information on the given topic. Writing this essay is both time consuming and demanding as it requires a lot of research work and data and information collection.

Synthesis essay should have a thesis statement in the introduction part which should state clearly the main point of the essay so that the reader is completely aware of the point the writer will be making. The writer will have to develop and formulate the structure and purpose of the essay. Though of critical and analytical nature this essay most often will avoid argumentative thesis as it will give only an overview of the various data gathered. Though the writer will have to give his own ideas and opinions but this essay is more of an informative type rather than a persuasive one.

Chosen or given a topic of interest the writer should fully understand the scope of development of the topic and analyze it properly after doing all the necessary research work and getting all the data available. As for example while writing a synthesis essay on the many ways of learning the writer will have to get all the necessary data on types of learning and explain them to the readers by giving references to the various scholarly articles that theorize methods of learning and then he or she has to analyze and see how they can be compared or contrasted to each other. Then the writer has to give his own ideas and views or assessments regarding the various theories discussed and characterize them generally.
So we can see that type of essay is mainly research oriented in nature. It will take a compelling topic and explore the various themes, traits and theories on the topic. Various theories and counter theories should be included with proper references and citations to avoid plagiarism and critically analyzed to give a proper and clear prospective overview of the topic.

While writing the essay one must remember to follow a systematic approach to the topic and adhere to a well prepared structure format. The main or the core idea of the essay must be well organized and presented with a clarity so that the writer finds it easy to work on and the reader also finds it easy to understand while going through the essay. Synthesis essay is not necessarily a summary writing of all the ideas and theories present on a topic but it also accounts for the writer’s own beliefs and views or opinions on that topic.

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