Essay About Science – How To Go About It

Essay About Science – How To Go About It
Essay about science. It is not just about following the correct format and choosing an essay type and then writing an informative essay or a discussion essay etc. An essay about science is about facts and figures and diagrams and labels and tables and more figures. An essay well written will show how well the writer has researched, how well the topic has been analyzed with proper diagrams and figures. So after giving details of the project there has to be a critical analysis written in the tune of a critical essay.
Like all other essays this one will also have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will introduce the topic. The main body will discuss the topic which will ultimately lead to a logical end in the conclusion.

Introduction – will put forward the topic and frame it in its correct scientific context. Here the writer will present his proposition or thesis statement or the argument and will give just the basic details on the topic and its background and can carry an interpretation of the topic from the writer’s viewpoint. It will lay the outline as to how the topic will progress in the main body. Certain important definitions may be given here in the introduction.

Main body – will discuss in detail all the points put forward in introduction. There should be correct sectional headings for each and the argument should be logically developed in a correct sequence or order. Information should not be given haphazardly as it might confuse the reader. The writer’s argument or point of opinion should well supported by evidences taken from various other research papers and other reliable scientific similar works. All evidences cited have to be from reliable sources and absolutely correct to give the essay its credibility. Since this is a science paper correct figures and diagrams will have to be used to support the writing. Properly labeled diagrams and tables with correct figures are an absolute necessity for this essay. Care must be taken to give citations and references for all evidences taken including all diagrams and tables without fail, to avoid charges of plagiarism. The writer thus does a critical analysis on the argument and will have to give reasons as to how he or she reached to that point of opinion with proper and relevant evidences.

Conclusion – the conclusion will give a summary of the main points without restating details and will just state the purpose of the argument. It will consist of reasons as to how the writer reached his or her conclusion in a brief form. The concluding statement as to the outcome of the discussion in the main body will have to be given in a clear, to the point and concise manner and future research proposals if any and if found to be appropriate can be made here in the concluding part of an essay about science.

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