APA Research Paper Outline Guidelines

APA Research Paper Outline Guidelines
Topic – Should euthanasia be legalized?

Introduction – State briefly why the topic is important and is it really necessary to legalize euthanasia. It should contain a definition of euthanasia and key terms attached to it. Define the two main forms of euthanasia in practice, voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Give examples of both the types. State which countries allow euthanasia. Briefly outline the various moral views on euthanasia. Make your stand on the topic very clear and give a thesis statement at the end.
Body- It will expand on the definition of euthanasia and discuss the various perspectives on euthanasia. Discuss in details what various philosophers like Hume, Hobbes and Machiavelli had to say on euthanasia. Discuss what various religious teachings say on this issue and also explore other views and thoughts on euthanasia. Give the various theories on euthanasia. Give number of examples on this controversial issue and discuss the dilemmas that the patients and their families had to go through. Discuss the negative aspects of legalizing active euthanasia and take your position on the issue and refute your stand by giving logical and strong evidences.


Present a summary on all that has been discussed and reinstate your thesis statement. Give a strong concluding statement.

In-text citations in apa research paper outline:

As Cundiff frames it, “the decision to allow a terminally ill person to die usually comes after multiple treatments have failed to cure or control a patient’s disease and the prognosis is poor. Patients themselves, and family members, begin to appreciate that further heroic treatment would only prolong suffering and dying and not give a realistic chance at remission or recovery (Cundiff, 1992).

A statement issued in Michigan, 1998, by a multi religious forum, “those who promote the last, fatal escape as a “right” should remember that such a “right” may quickly become an expectation and finally even a “duty” to die. We fear eventually that some individuals and families will be forced to put financial concerns above the needs of loved ones”

In an apa essay, for directly quoted works which do not give the name of the author, should be represented by the name of the publication and the year of publication. If there are more than 6 authors then the last name of the first author should be given followed by the word et al.

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