Essay Styles

Essay Styles
A student ought to know which essay style to use when writing an essay over and above possessing good writing skills. This is because essay writing is probably the most common task given to students irrespective of the courses they are taking. Through essays, students show understanding of a particular topics and the ability to write creatively and fluently. Students can be asked to write essays based on:
Summaries of certain reading material
Analysis of characters, personalities or views towards life
Reflection of events, phenomenon and many more
There are several essay styles that a student or professional writer may have to apply. Some of these are discussed below.

How to Choose an Essay Style

Choosing an essay style is no easy task as it usually done depending on the essay instructions. Here are some of the most common essay styles used by students in essay writing.

In persuasive essay style, one creates a belief in the readers’ mind on one side of the given topic, supports it with facts and states the shortfalls of the opposing viewpoints thus showing a strong belief on the given topic.
In the descriptive essay style, one leaves the readers with a mental image of the essay topic.
In cause and effect essay style which is commonly used, one elaborates factors that start the event and the results of the event. This is written systematically starting with the causes followed by effects.
In process analysis style, one gives clear detailed step by step discussion of the procedure to be followed when performing a given task. The readers should be able to perform the task discussed on the essay.
In definition style, one gives a straightforward topic definition which is made possible by use of simple understandable words, numerous examples and descriptions.
In narrative essay style, one tells a story using vivid details to paint the picture of the event as a result making readers feel like if they are having a firsthand experience of the events. Emotions and moods are used to bring the story alive.
In the compare and contrast essay style, one focuses on two or more issues or objects to bring out their differences and similarities. This is often written to inform readers about the objects or issues or help the reader make a decision.
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