Tips for Writing the ACT essay

Tips for Writing the ACT essay
For admission in undergraduate programs in all American colleges and universities, it is mandatory for the students to sit for the ACT or SAT exams. As a part of the test, it will be essential for the students to complete an essay within 30 minutes. So an ACT essay means writing under great pressure. Doing anything under pressure was never very easy. Similarly, completing a well written essay within 30 minutes is no mean job. However, if you wish to continue with your higher studies you will have to be prepared to write this exam essay.
In the SAT or ACT essay you will have to follow three basic guidelines. These are :

1. You will have to follow the parameters set for standard written English

2. You will have to develop your own viewpoint on the given issue.

3. The given viewpoint will have to be supported by logical reasoning and other evidences from your own experiences and observations, or from your various readings. Whatever evidence you provide make sure it is relevant to the issue.

Given below are some tips to write an ACT essay

1. First relax and then set your pace. Before trying to compose the essay first compose yourself, so that you can think and write with a clear mind. You have thirty minutes to read and think over the issue given in the essay prompt and also to plan and write the essay. So first read the prompt well and then plan the essay. Most probably you will not get time to first write a draft, then revise and finally write the paper. So it is always better to take some time to plan first. Then, when you have a plan chalked out, start writing the paper.

2. When you get the question, first read and understand the prompt given. Plan how you want to answer the question presented in the prompt. Since you will not get time to prepare a draft, it would be a good idea to jot down the important points, ideas, reasons and examples, as in a list. Later, when you write the essay, you can take up these points and expand on them.

3. Once you have planned and jotted down the important points you can start writing the essay. Right at the very beginning make your viewpoint on the issue very clear. Make sure that you state your views in a clear, logical manner so that the reader has no problems understanding them. Discuss the issue on a broad perspective and make an evaluation of all its implications and problems. Present viewpoints that oppose your stand and refute them by presenting strong counterarguments. Present a strong conclusion to your essay and reinforce your stand. Make sure the essay reflects your clarity of thoughts and also logically develops your ideas. Most important point is to stay on track and not lose relevancy of the issue.

4. Before submitting your paper take some time out and do a quick revision. Correct any mistake that you notice and try to make the paper as perfect as possible, within the time limit of half an hour.

Writing the ACT essay needs a lot of practice. In the months before the examination, practice writing everyday. Write an essay within the stipulated time and check for accuracy while writing. See that you can complete your writing within the set time. Read various samples essays and while using them as guides, practice writing more. The only way to score well in the ACT exam is to practice, practice and more practice.

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