Learn the Referencing Format in an APA Essay

Learn the Referencing Format in an APA Essay
An apa essay means writing in the format developed and prescribed by the American Psychological Association. There are other formats like the MLA, Chicago and the Harvard, which are also used for writing various academic essays.The apa essay format differs from others in the way it is used to reference direct quotes and citations that are used in the essay. While writing a good paper it will be imperative that the writer uses the works of other authors and writers as evidences to support his arguments. While giving such direct quotations the writer will have to cite them to give due credit to the author from whom the work has been taken.
The last name and the date of publication should be in parentheses. Sometimes if the teacher instructs, then the name of the publication should be given along with the author’s name and date.

As for eg. for an in-text citation of a journal publication: Arnett (1999) tell us, “The paradox of adolescence is that it can be at once a time of storm and stress and a time of exuberant growth” (Arnett, American psychologist, 1999).

Reference page for this in text citation would look like

Arnett, J, J. (1999). Adolescent Storm and Stress, Reconsidered, American Psychologist, 54,
Vol. 54, No. 5, 317-326.

For a book, in-text citation would be

As Corby (1997) tell us “The commonly held (adultist) views about adolescents are that they pose a threat to society rather than the other way round … it is important at least to redress this imbalance … for this approach is both ethical (self-evident) and practical, to avoid alienation of future generations” ( Corby, 1997).

The reference page for this would look like

Corby, B. (1997). ‘Mistreatment of young people’ in Roache, J and Tucker, S (eds.),
Youth in Society. London: Sage. 215.

For internet references, in-text citation would be

As Chen and Faruggia (2002) puts it “Recent research (e.g., Arnett, 1999; Freeman, 1983) has corrected both Hall’s “demonized” adolescents and Mead’s “romanticized” life of … adolescents. Most adolescents live a life with few serious personal or social problems, but for a minority of adolescents, adolescence still represents the most troubling years” (Chen and Faruggia, 2002)

The reference page would look like

Chen, C and Farruggia, S. (August 2002). Culture and adolescent development. Unit 11,
chapter 2 / V1. Department of Psychology and Social Behavior. University of California,
Irvine. U.S.A. Retrieved on 27th January 2010 from

In an apa essay, works which do not give the name of the author should be represented by the name of the publication and the year of publication. If there are more than 6 authors then the last name of the first author should be given followed by the word et al.

An apa essay format is not as difficult as it appears. Once one starts practicing writing academic essays regularly in the apa format it will be easier for him to understand the pattern followed for these essay types. Check out our apa essays in our essay samples to see how to cite correctly. For further assistance and expert help come to MasterPapers.com and ask any of the essay writers to help you out with your assignment.

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