Guidelines on How to Write an Opinion Essay

Guidelines on How to Write an Opinion Essay
Opinion essay is one of the easiest type of essays that are given as assignments. This essay type necessitates the writer to choose a topic and present his opinion on that topic. The object or topic could be anything the writer feels strongly about and has good knowledge on. It could be any hobby, like some form of sports, or maybe gardening, or collecting coins or stamps ,anything the writer is keen on . After fixing a topic then the writer will have to list down his viewpoints or opinions on the subject and also look for and find reasons that support his viewpoints. Also arguments to counter the opposing viewpoints are to be prepared. Once the groundwork is done the writer can then set about to write the essay.
An opinion essay will have to be written in a formal style and preferably addressed directly to the reader. It is best to start the essay with an anecdote or a quote, a scenario or may be even a thought inspiring rhetorical question after which the topic is to be introduced and clearly stated. The main body should have well developed and well connected paragraphs with proper linking words joining the sentences and paragraphs. In the main body reference can be made to some interesting or unusual happening or event. No short form or emotive phrases are to be used while writing this essay and personal examples are best avoided, while facts and data without proper referencing and citations are an absolute no-no. The writer has to keep in mind that there are certain phrases to be used while writing an opinion essay and these are ‘my opinion is that….’, ‘I firmly believe that…..’, ‘I am convinced that…’ and ‘according to my point of view’ and other simliar phrases in the same vein.

An opinion essay asks for the writer’s opinion only. It is not an argumentative essay where the writer will present arguments and counter arguments and try to convince his reader. Like a persuasive essay it will not single handedly persuade the reader and coax him to believe in his views. This essay will present the writer’s opinion on certain issues and will be backed by reliable and logical evidences. It will completely depend on the reader whether he wants to accept the opinion presented by the writer or not. Like any other essay this too will follow a five paragraph format and will have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

An opinion essay is a chance where the writer can pick a topic or issue of his choice and express his opinion on it. He can write anything he feels strongly about the chosen issue without having to really work hard on convincing someone. So take your pen and start writing, and let the world know about your views and opinions without caring much whether the world agrees with your or not, just be sure to back your opinions with strong, logical evidences. However if you feel that this getting to be too much for you then place an order at and ask any of the expert writers to write this essay for you.

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