Personal Philosophy of leadership

Personal Philosophy of leadership
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To begin with, I clearly do believe strongly that the idea that the concept of leadership is something which in itself a journey which consists of a group of followers as well as leaders. The implication from this understanding is that, leadership should not be addressed as a personal goal or issue. Thus, for a leader to be quite effective, it would be required that there is coordination on the leader as well as on those following him, and this shall ease the burden when it comes to work. Since leadership comes with timeless service, it should be strong enough to implementing appropriate collaboration in service (Bell, 2006).
The use of informal, formal, positive, and negative power applied to personal philosophy

Formal personal power refers to the power of position mostly held by managers and individual holders of those positions need to develop coherent principles of handling the juniors. The managers with formal power can develop strategic policies that can help improve the performance of the members. Individuals with formal personal power need to understand ethics and work towards accepting opinion of others tom foster democracy and transparency. Informal person power on the other hand refers to the collective responsibilities of caring and concerned with others. Individuals in the positions of personal power use the opportunity to improve the state of things in a societal set up.

Positive power is based on strength and competence that individuals acquire with maturity in time. Positivism leads to self-realization, competence, vision other positive qualities. Negative power bases on the elements of passiveness and manifests through behaviors that indicate weakness, incompetence and self destructive. The mode of controlling negative power depicts failure of accepting power over individual’s life and manifests through childlike machinations like isolation, tantrums and other self destructive behaviors.

More so, a leader, as I do believe, one’s powers should be able to motivate, inspire, and as well empower others towards successful goals. On the other hand, the leader will not be able to achieve goals when there is no goal orientation, and hence my philosophy should be able to include such an orientation. With my philosophy, I also think it is necessarily beneficial to balance work and the personal success. Good leadership should be based on appropriate planning and adequate balancing on the work so that the amount of work to be done should rhyme with ones capability, and this shall ensure that everything shall run smoothly (Bell, 2006). With any form of connection towards balancing one’s work, it would be possible to have appropriate success, and thus he or she should be ready to act as a role model.

Another thing is in helping the people so that they can be able to find and invent the truly best within themselves. It would be of immense importance for all people to understand that, all moves in leadership should come up with qualities so that positional titles should be achieved through hard work and the best of engagement. One’s reflection on leadership philosophy should be of the best implications to others. This should involve an adequate understanding on what forms of assumptions, which have the capability of improving one’s leadership and thinking in the organization (Bell, 2006). More often than not, majority of leaders tend to be unaware of some vital assumptions and thus should be willing to address all forms of challenges which might be faced. Such reflection of one’s leadership should be excellently adopted to uncover some of the major assumptions in any organization.

Another part of my leadership philosophy is in engaging in integrity and professional enhancement or development. When one is a leader, the values or attributes should be adopted in guiding one’s intentions also influencing how others might be lead, and as well unleash new values within the management and leadership process (Daresh, 2006). Respect on leadership from all different perspectives is another fundamental principle of leadership. It makes sure other are bind by some respect, and finally, ensuring that there has been gratitude and respect on all those below me in the leadership hierarchy.

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