How to Make Your College Essay Great

How to Make Your College Essay Great
If you are a student and struggling to write great essays for college, then this article could be of help to you. Although essays are moderately sized papers they can be difficult to plan, research and write. This article allows you to see how you can submit a great essay.
Whenever your professor gives you an essay question, do you stumble over the words, feeling confused and overwhelmed? Many students feel this way and yet they don’t have to. Writing an essay is an easy and enjoyable process, having an online essay editor take a look through your work is a good decision, but you can also complete the following steps to help:


A trip to the library or search on the Internet will yield a lot of information and using both will make sure you gain a lot of knowledgeable about your chosen topic. Be prepared to have an open mind when you research and note down as much as you can, as you will need to refer to the information when you start to write your essay.


Ask yourself different questions about the topic. This is very important when writing your essay as this will be where your own insight will come from. Learn how to look at a topic from different perspectives and approach it from a number of angles. If you want your essay to be thought provoking, you must first learn how to ask and challenge yourself different questions.


Formulate your thesis and think: what is it that I want to study? If you are given a topic, then you should narrow it and choose an idea. This will be the main point of your essay and all your arguments will revolve around this thesis. Having a good, clear thesis will automatically attract your professor to your essay and will also help you write your essay in a clear, straightforward manner.


When you have formulated your thesis, you are now ready to write your essay. Many people choose to write their essays in one sitting; however, a better way of doing it will be to get a piece of paper and use it as a draft. Make a list of the things you want to talk about, write in bulleted form or use single sentences or phrases to capture your ideas. The trick is to write as quickly as things come into your mind and don’t worry about organization, as your goal is to simply put down onto paper the things you are planning to write about. After putting these ideas down, you may want to begin structuring your essay.


When you start to write your essay introduction you should think of this stage as easing your reader into what will be discussed within your essay. Do not make it lengthy, as this is only supposed to grab your reader’s attention and lead them into the main body of your essay.


In writing your essay, you should take note that each paragraph must carry an idea that supports your main thesis. A paragraph begins with a topic sentence, followed by evidence supporting your assertions, which is then followed by a clear closing sentence that clearly states your idea.


As you conclude your essay, you should end with a strong statement, a quote, or even a call to action, instead of ending abruptly. What do you want your reader to understand or do?


Do not forget to offer appropriate credit to those whom you borrowed ideas or quotes from. There are correct guidelines for citing sources and you can choose which style of formatting to use. Citations inside the body of your essay must be followed with a "Works Cited," or "References" at the end of your essay, detailing all your sources.


Finally, you should not forget to edit your own work (or even have a professional do it for you). You should review your essay for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure your sentences flow smoothly.

Following these simple steps will assure you of a clearly-written essay that you will be proud of and one that will impress your professors. Read more on online essay editor.

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