Features of MLA essay

Features of MLA essay
MLA stands for Modern Language Association for America (MLA). This is the writing and documentation style followed for subjects related to humanities. So when writing an essay on English or comparative literature you have to follow the guidelines laid down in MLA. When you are asked to write a MLA essay it actually means that you have to follow the MLA style of citations.
MLA format applies to citations and bibliographies. It is the standard format to be followed while citing sources and at the conclusion of essays and research papers.

If you do not have prior exposure to MLA format then you may find the task intimidating. We will introduce you to the basic formatting style of MLA so that the task becomes easier for you.

Basic features of MLA format
Here are the basic features of MLA style of formatting.
• MLA format specifies use of book font Times New Roman with 12 point type size.
• A margin of 1 inch should be left all around.
• There should be double spacing between words with ½ inch tab for new paragraphs. No extra space should be left between paragraphs.
• The header must include your last name and page numbers should be automatically included.
• In MLA essays the identification of the student should be present in the left margin of the first page. The information that should be included here are the name of the student and the professor, course information, submission date and any other information as specified by the professor.
• The title should be properly capitalized and placed at the center with proper punctuation.
• Special care should be taken while mentioning someone’s ideas or thoughts. In text citation in the body may have to be included according to the instruction of the professor. Directly after the passage the source must be acknowledged.
• A separate list for works cited should be present at the end of the paper. The word “bibliography” should be written at the center of the page and all the sources you have used in your essay should be mentioned alphabetically.

How to complete your task
An essay writer should first try to get acquainted with MLA essay format and then start with the essay. MLA style handbooks are available which can be of great help.

In spite of the resources if you find the task a bit difficult then you can get professional help. Custom essay writing companies like customessays.co.uk are quite proficient in providing services related to custom written essays as per MLA style. We offer services on dissertation help as well.

We employ writers who are familiar with MLA styles and hence the essays they produce are of high quality. When writing essays they take every precaution to make your essay comply with MLA style. Our expert writers can give you tips on MLA style of formatting so that you can write the essay on your own.

MLA essays are not difficult to write if you are aware of the rules and regulations. It may take you some time to know these but the effort is worth because in your academic career you will required to write many such essays.

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