Develop your idea about essay structure

Develop your idea about essay structure
Writing an essay requires a lot of knowledge. The writer should have vast information about the topic he is writing on but the basic knowledge that he has to possess is about essay structure. Every essay should have a basic structure that never changes – an introduction followed by a body and ending with a conclusion. But there are several elements within each of these categories that a writer has to master.
Let us try to explain to you the basic structure that your essay must follow and in the process become an ideal one.

Why is it important to have a proper structure
Essays can be of different types – narrative, discursive or academic. Even dissertation writing must follow a structure. Whatever be the type of the essay the core structure remains the same which makes it easier for the writer to construct a well structured essay. The structure also helps him to maintain the logical flow of the essay.

Basic elements of a structure of an essay
Any essay should have three distinct parts, an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
The basic essay structure requires an introduction in which the student will introduce the topic to the readers. In the body he will present his views with the help of data and facts he has collected. In the conclusion he will review the content and provide summary of a few of the points.

Each of these elements must possess certain properties and we will now discuss those in details.

The introduction
Generally the introduction is written in one single paragraph and is a short one. It should be deductive in nature as it explains the topic and prepares the readers to adopt a particular view in the subsequent body of the essay.
An introduction necessarily initiates the topic of the essay and provides some background information on the topic. It explains the technique the writer adopts to reach out to the readers. It also contains a thesis statement that states writer’s point of view strongly.

The body
The body forms a major element of an essay structure. It is divided into several paragraphs with each paragraph dealing with a separate point.

The number of paragraphs included in the body part depends on the author and the way he builds his arguments.
The paragraphs should be linked logically so that the reader can easily reach a conclusion.

The conclusion
The conclusion is a vital element of all types of essays – be it discursive essays or academic essays.
It is usually written in one single paragraph and sums up the arguments the writer has put forward. It highlights the main points of the essay to prove the thesis statement.

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