Essay writing: How to write an academic essay?

Essay writing: How to write an academic essay?
An academic essay is a formal compilation of an argument being explained through reasoning and logic. This type of essays needs to have evidences to prove argument. The academic essays are different from regular essays due to their format that they follow of putting forward an argument, then to prove the argument through logics and reasoning.
It’s an individual type of essay that has distinctive structural format from that of the other conventional essays. It tests the academic intelligence and learning behavior of the student by assessing his/her writing abilities. It helps in evaluating how much he/she gained in terms of knowledge and understanding the particular concepts.
There is a misconception about academic essay that you are given pre-determined area and set rules that you have to follow while writing academic essay so it bounds the student in terms of producing any creativity.
But in reality it doesn’t restrict you that much, yes it does have some boundaries but it gives you a space to discuss the perceived phenomenon and putting forward your own point of views regarding the particular question
To write an Academic essay following are initial guidelines to start your essay writing:
• Shaping question and hypothesis:
Firstly you need to figure out what question do you have in mind which you need to prove to the world scientifically. This question would be an intellectual guess. After making this guess develops your hypothesis statement.
• Quotations and citations:
Secondly read out the relevant material and quote what has already been researched in the area that you are working in. Never forget to provide citations and references so that plagiarism may not be problem.
• Generate relevant material
Do not move away from your parent topic and stick to the overall purpose and organization of your academic essay in mind. You should include your view point sticking to the topic asked in the given question.
• Give examples
If possible, support you argument with virtual examples. It would make your essay more convincing and credible. Even there will be a chance of getting extra marks for showing your understanding level this way. It would be even convenient for the examiner to assess your academic wisdom.

• Be fluent
There should be smoothness in all of your arguments; each and every point should be properly linked with one another. Develop your essay with a proper start and proceed further step by step in a well organized way. Elaborate your arguments right after you write the introductory paragraph. The middle part of your essay should be comprehensive and if you want to put examples, you are supposed to add them in this part. Always remember, if you don’t have any solid example regarding your argument, then don’t fill out the space with weak illustrations.

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