Academic Essay Writing – Tips on writing the perfect essay

Academic Essay Writing – Tips on writing the perfect essay
So you have the daunting task of writing an academic essay ? Does that seem like a Damocles sword looming over your head? Actually writing an academic essay is really easy if you know how to do so.

First and foremost, is the need to understand what an academic essay reveals :

The reader gets a fair idea of your communication skills, your trend of thought and your ability to carry an idea to completion.
It speaks of the homework you have done by reading and researching books or articles on the topic.
Writing crisply, clearly, one point at a time and not jumbling your ideas together as well as your spelling and grammatical errors speak volumes about your meticulousness and your eye for detail.
Your honesty can be judged by giving credit where it is due – acknowledging sources which you have referenced. Assumptive and generic statements show that no hard work has been put in.
In short – the academic essay tells the user about YOU.

Now that you realize how much can be read between the lines, the next step is actually getting down to writing the essay. Before you begin, you may want to spend a few minutes thinking about the kind of essay that needs to be written.


Descriptive - Make sure your paint with words a picture describing the event or person.
Narrative - Write in the first person almost as if you were actually describing what you saw.
Comparative - You need to present both sides of the topic and conclude with the side you personally feel most inclined towards.
Persuasive – you need to convince the reader to see things from your point of view.
Reflective – where you need to write about something which is not tangible. It could be an idea being put forth or something you intend to do.

Once you are done, read it out – preferably aloud. When you read aloud, you read exactly like a person reading the article for the first time. It will help you identify a lot of your mistakes. You will also realize the flow of ideas or lack of it. When reading aloud, if your mind starts to wander, it shows that your article isn’t able to hold your interest. It probably will not hold the reader’s interest either. Remember, what you write about needs to be written with passion and conviction. This is almost infectious. If you write with passion and conviction, you can be sure that the reader will be at the edge of his or her seat wondering what will come next, even if the article is about the daily activities of the stone-age people.

However, as the age old saying goes – practice makes perfect. Write and keep writing – it is only when you practice that you will improve. Your thoughts will literally flow and later on you will realize how much you have improved over time. Do refer to common flaws to avoid on academic essays

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