What is an MLA Essay?

What is an MLA Essay?
Most of you are probably acquainted with the MLA style referencing citation. But what is an MLA essay? This is typically an essay wherein such citation method needs to be displayed. MLA essays could cover different types of essay. It could be a management essay, an international marketing essay or a global warming essay as long as an MLA style is clearly used. Other methods include APA and Harvard referencing. These two also have a separate technique and their convenience can depend on the familiarity of the writer.
The content of your MLA essay must depend on the kind of topic that you choose to have. This type of essay is not dependent on the referencing style itself but rather to the subject matter that you wish to have. If you are planning to tackle economics, your entry must be narrowed down to a more specific topic and follow the basic essay standards, format and rules. We all know that essays need to have a verified and reliable source. Our ideas and opinions must be backed up by previously published works coming from different writers. In order to make this happen, use the MLA citation style. That’s the time we can say that your entry is categorized as an economic MLA essay.

Here is an example of how an MLA style must look like (taken from the post entitled “Avoid Plagiarism in Your Academic Dissertation):

In the body of your paper:
Innovative ways of being available wherever young people and adults might be is crucial and partnership working is one way to widen opportunities (Presbury 8).
According to Presbury, the target population must be reached expansively and uniquely to increase chances (8).
In your reference list:
Presbury, M. “Partnership Approach to Chlamydia Testing.” Health Protection News Lincolnshire 2009: 8.

In-text citation is divided into two: direct or indirect. Indirect quotation involves paraphrasing and excluding the author’s name inside the sentence while direct quotation involves including the author inside the phrase and adopting the original text. This gives writers the risk of plagiarism; therefore, proper paraphrasing must be done. Paraphrasing isn’t achieved through word rearrangement and change of terms but rather through personal thought composition.

The purpose of MLA essays is clearly to introduce the important of referencing and to allow familiarization through hands-on practice. On the part of the instructors, this type of assignment is being given for the purpose of allowing their students to apply what they have learned. Students are therefore given the freedom to consult to their teachers for any clarifications needed. Hands-on learning is more advantageous, that’s why this type of essay needs to be provided to students as part of their module.

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