Types of discursive essay

Types of discursive essay
A discursive essay is a piece of academic writing presenting a discussion on a particular subject. The topic of the discursive essay should be controversial. The main purpose of discursive essay writing is to present both sides of a particular event or subject and show the author’s point of view concerning the chosen issue. Some students still muddle discursive essays together with argumentative and even persuasive essays. A discursive essay is something in-between. The key point of discursive essay writing is to present several points of view concerning the chosen issue, analyze them and draw clear and logical conclusion.

Types of discursive essay
You can distinguish three types of discursive essays:

A discussion of pros and cons of a particular issue. It is advisable to justify your opinion.
Particular opinion of a famous person. Here you should highlight the position of, perhaps, some well-known scientist about certain issue. This kind of academic writing calls for one respected point of view rather than the discussion of the problem.
Dealing with a problem. Here you should limelight your audience to the cookie-cutter of the problem discussed. You have to show how to resolve the problem or how it was resolved some time ago.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
With help of discursive essay you have a possibility to get acquainted with ways of arranging the argumentation properly and provide disclaimer to the argumentation of your opponents. This paper should be written according to the strict structural plan so there are a lot of important aspects of successive essay writing that you have to follow. That is why you should prepare yourself for thorough research and put in your best licks when accomplishing this assignment.

Catching and original topic is a foundation stone of the success of your topic. Take into consideration that it is essential to come up with the topic you are interested in.
Try to choose the topic you are familiar with. Thus it would be much easier to cope with great amount of information.
It is unacceptable to use informal or emotional language. There is no place for familiar language so you should use impersonal style only.
It is advisable not to show your position concerning the problem. However, you are able to state your point of view and provide solid argumentation to proof your position. Though it is not permitted to use personal examples.
Use as many examples as possible.
Don’t use over-generalization.
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