What do you know about kinds of History essays

What do you know about kinds of History essays

How can you find the difference between History essays and other papers you might write in other courses? It may seem that the most challenging point of History essay writing is the process of transforming facts into evidence and evidence into argument.
Actually, the principles of such transformation are quite simply. You have to gather a lot of information concerning the chosen issue and then go through the process of interpreting them. After that you will come up with patterns of evidence and so you will be able to create an argument.

As it is seen from the name, History essays are written documents on a topic connected with the field of history. It is a common task of the curriculum, especially for those students who are working towards a degree in History. The main point of this kind of essay is to evaluate the student’s knowledge of the field of study, his or her writing skills, as well as the ability to analyze the collected data properly and to create solid argumentation in having a case.

History essay writing is aimed for presenting thorough research of a particular event or subject.

What do you know about kinds of History essays?
You should know that there are two kinds of History essays: primary source essay and secondary source essay. When writing a primary source essay you should take into consideration such important aspects:

This kind of paper is devoted to the reconstruction of historical event, using various sources from the time period that you are discussing.
The main purpose of such kind of essay is to argue your audience into your point of view concerning the chosen historical event.
In general, the type of primary source essay is narrative.
You should take into consideration the credibility of your sources. Also it is necessary to structure the essay chronologically. And do not forget to double-check collected data.
The second type of the essay deals with secondary sources that are written after the period of time that you are analyzing.

In this kind of essay you will have to browse through various historical resources and compare their differences.
Secondary source essay is based on principles of logic rather than on principles of chronology.
History essay writing tips
Facts are the most important part of History essay. It is crucial that you use reliable sources. You should cross check sources whenever possible.
Comparing sources will help you to test the reliability of chosen sources. Moreover, thus you will be able to get a clear vision of the event because each source will add something new to your understanding of the text.
You have to use several sources in order to get unbiased opinion concerning the historical event.
Get acquainted with the requirements of the assignment.
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