Worried with an essay question? Learn how to tackle it

Worried with an essay question? Learn how to tackle it
There is no point in avoiding essay questions. If you are a student you will be asked to write essays on a variety of topics. It is better if you equip yourself to handle essays and learn how to write essays.

Preparation always helps
No one can learn to write essays in a single day. It takes practice, research and a lot of hard work. To do well in your examination you should also start preparing from beforehand. This will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, you will be confident and know how to tackle your assignment. Secondly you will maximise your chance of scoring good marks.

To prepare for your essay assessment you should go through your lecture notes and textbooks thoroughly. Pay attention to the type of questions the teacher generally asks in class. There will be some areas on which he gives more stress. He may show preference for certain types of questions like short or long, descriptive or research based. Studying these patterns will help you to be more organised in dealing with the essay question.

Test yourself
Review the class notes and find out the broad topics that have been discussed in class. Take one or two sample topics and compose essays on them. Assess yourself and find out the areas where you are facing problems.

Are you finding it difficult to write the introduction or are the essay conclusions not up to the mark? By practicing in this way you will not only learn to write in a systematic way but also gain confidence which will be an asset for your future.

How to answer the questions during the examination?
There are certain things that you must do to ensure that you are able to get good marks in the essay test.
Listen for the oral directions and take note of them.

After you are given the paper read the question over and over again until you are absolutely clear about what you are expected to write about.

You must form an idea about how to approach the essay question. Underline the keywords and try to gauge the controlling idea. Do you have to compare or explain or simply present facts or your own opinion? Having clearly understood the objective of the topic is essential for best essay writing.

If you are unable to comprehend the meaning of the essay topic you should ask for clarifications from your teacher.

Time for writing
When writing the essay, first create an essay plan. This will help you to organise your ideas properly, keeping in mind the requirements of the topic.

Make sure that you include all the elements of an essay and finish off with a powerful conclusion.

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