The opening of the essay

The opening of the essay

You have been asked to write an essay and you do not know how to begin an essay. You are not alone in suffering from this predicament. A lot of students like you face this problem and this article is directed to you so that you know what to write in the beginning of the essay.
The opening of the essay
Never start an essay in haste. Writing an introduction without thought and planning may prove very costly to you. The commencement of the essay is very vital as it creates the first impression and as you know the first impression always matters the most.

You must take extreme care in composing the introduction so that your readers take interest from the very start and remain glued to the essay. This is your prime role as an essay writer.

The main purpose of the introduction is to familiarize the readers to the topic. The thesis statement is meant to do it. But your task is to present the thesis statement in such a way that the readers find it intriguing.

Start the ball rolling
How to begin essays must be first thing that came to your mind when your teacher asked you to write one. Firstly, the launch of the essay depends a lot on the topic. If you are writing a narrative dissertation then you have many options. On the other hand if you are writing on technical topics your ideas get restricted.

Let us explore some ways of starting essay topics.

Pick up a recent news item
An interesting way to initiate your essay would be to pick any recent news item that is related to the essay topic. The readers will immediately connect to the subject and find your essay appealing.

Use an anecdote
This is another time tested method of opening an essay. You can begin by writing about an incident or anecdote that happened to you. Make sure that you use an interesting or humorous incident that grabs the attention of the readers. This is an excellent answer to your question- how to begin an essay?

Devote a few sentences to describing the incident and then put on your topic. The readers will certainly like your way of presentation.

Ask a question
Questions are good means to arouse interest in readers. You can pose a question in the beginning and then proceed to provide an answer to it in the introduction. This way you will engage the readers from the initiation of the essay.

Usually the introduction ends with the thesis statement. It is a statement around which the entire essay is constructed. Make sure it carries the essence of the topic given to you.

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To learn how to write essays you have to first learn how to begin essays. Once you have set off the essay rest assured the end will come easily.

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