How vital is the conclusion

How vital is the conclusion

Every essay requires a strong conclusion to create a lasting impact on the readers. A short but effective inference is what you require to create your own mark. But some students find writing the essay conclusions extremely difficult. It is for them that we have decided to provide some tips that will surely make their task easier.
How vital is the conclusion?
By the time you reach the end you must be relieved that you have completed most of the work. The introduction gave you lot of troubles and composing the body took all your energy. You may think that the wrapping up will be easy to handle. But experts beg to differ.

Most teachers and scholars opine that the ending should never be taken easily. It is your last chance to impress your readers. The conclusion provides the final opportunity to make the readers agree to your point of view. The impression the finale will create will stay with the reader long after they have finished reading your essay. With so much depending on the ending you cannot take it lightly.

But the question is how to create an essay conclusion that will amaze the readers? Let us give you a step by step guide to finish an essay.

Read through your essay
The first step would be to go through your essay and note down the main arguments. Find out the main argument around which you have built your essay. This point should be restated in the closing.

Write down a summary of arguments
Compose a summary of the arguments that you have mentioned in the main body. Do not write in details but try to catch the essence of the main line of reasoning. Keep the summary short and succinct. Avoid repeating facts or arguments.

Compile the conclusion
Once your groundwork is ready you can wind up the essay. Incorporate the main points in the concluding lines reinstating the vital evidences in support of your case. Usually the thesis statement is written in the beginning of the concluding paragraph with the objective to remind the readers of the topic of discussion and the argument that ensued.

In the essay conclusion the thesis statement should be worded differently.

A great way to impress the readers is to introduce a humourous or insightful observation in the closing paragraph. Of course this will depend on the topic of the essay and the way you have dealt it. As for example it would be easy to make a light hearted comment in a narrative dissertation rather than in an IB essay.

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Essay conclusions are expected to be short and simple. They must have a punch and leave a lingering effect on the minds of the readers. Your assignment would be to include the salient features of the essay in them.

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