How to follow application essay format

How to follow application essay format
You always get one chance to create the first impression. So when writing application essays you have to be very cautious. You should ensure that the application essay format is visually appealing and at the same time professional.
With increased competition it is getting harder to get admission in your chosen college. As a huge number of students vie for too few a seats it becomes eminent that you write an outstanding essay to impress the teachers.
Most high schools and colleges require applicants to write an essay as a part of their admission process. Colleges accept or reject a student based on the essay.

Importance of adhering to the essay format
The way you write the application essay will determine whether your candidature is accepted or rejected. It depends on your essay to show the admission committee how different you are from rest of the applicants and why you should be selected.
When it comes to judging students based on their application essay the evaluators look for content and writing style. Following the prescribed application essay format is another vital criterion. So while composing your application essay you must follow the instructions carefully and stick to the format predefined.

What should your essay contain?
Your essay is not meant to showcase test scores or grades. It is much beyond that. It must contain personal information that your test sheet cannot provide. You can write about your favorite activity or share a story about yourself or even write about your pet but you must make sure that the essay shows why you are extraordinary. It must make the reader sit up and go through the essay with rapt attention.

Tips you can use
It is vital that you learn how to write essays to get admission in your preferred college. Here are some tips that you will find useful.
• You should go through the instructions thoroughly and follow them. Make sure that you stick to the application essay format given to you.
• Choose a font that looks professional and is easy to read. Unless not specified you should use font size between 10 to 12 for the body and 14 for headings.
• As an essay writer you must choose an interesting topic. You do not have to write on a difficult subject to get noticed. Remember an easy essay can be made interesting by your presentation style.
• Reread your essay several times to make it free from typos, grammatical and spelling errors.
• Get someone else to proofread your essay.

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