Critical Essays

Critical Essays
Essays are assigned to students at schools, colleges and universities all the time. It is not really difficult to write one but there are also different types and kinds of them which need to be distinguished. Among a vast variety of various types of essays there is critical essay with its specific peculiarities and features. It needs to be treated in a particular way and to be structured and written specifically.
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A critical essay evaluates something. Usually it is some cultural or artistic issue, most often a work of literature. But this is not a simple evaluative essay. It deals with deep analysis and criticism. Mind that in this case criticism does not bear negative character. It doesn’t mean that you are to insult, offend or attack the criticised object. Criticism may be negative or positive. But in such kinds of writing it means that you are to analyze objectively, to explore the question deeply and to present the fullest review of it.

Such writings require serious tone of exposition and unbiased attitude of the author; they are usually written in the third person. It is not about your personal feelings and emotions. It is about the objective judgement of the matter. So, for this reason, you are to investigate the question thoroughly, and to consider all the existing critical viewpoints of the outstanding people who have explored it before. You may agree or disagree with them but in any case you should present credible evidence to back up your personal ideas. Keep in mind that you are to teach your audience something, so try to sound convincing and competent.

You are going to have primary and secondary sources used. Primary sources are the works of literature that are being analyzed. Secondary sources are the additional materials on the matter you are going to grasp your ideas from. Remember to quote correctly and to make accurate references to the sources.

So the main points of a good critical essay are: don’t be altogether negative; investigate the question fully and completely; be objective and stay impersonal; back up your thoughts and ideas with strong evidence.

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