Management Essay

Management Essay
Manager’ is one of the most popular professions today. A sales manager, a HR manager, a top executive manager, a PR manager and a lot of other variations can be heard from people who deal with management. What is management? What is its nature? This is what we are going to discuss today.
One of the most important functions of management is the motivating one. The writers who represent our company are double motivated employees. They receive fees for their creative writing that is a material motivation, and they get satisfaction from the art of their jobs, and this is a moral motivation. We are proud of providing them with such opportunity! Moreover our organization benefits from it greatly as we have the staff motivated on achieving the company’s goals. We are happy to accomplish any creative writing task that our clients ask us to. And we are proud of providing them with 100% original works. But now let’s proceed to management essay!

At the beginning of the course the students of management departments are asked to write a management essay where they would express all their expectations and thoughts about what it is going to be to work as a manager. For you to impress your lecturer by means of the very first assignment you should realize the meaning of the word ‘management’. This stands for the act of getting people together in order to reach the desired goals and objectives in business. What are the main management tools? They are main functions of management. To be more precise they are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and motivation. Which ones do you need to write a management essay?

To tell the truth, you have got all of them turned for you! There is a plan for you, as a student, to accomplish the professor’s task to hand in your creative writing work. You have got a pen and a paper, your time and your capabilities to cope with it. Is it organized? Yes, completely. Staffing… well, for this task there is no need to recruit anybody, to hold probation period and so on and so forth. You are the personnel itself. And you are to do this job. Leading means defining exactly what is to be done at the moment. You have got your topic and you have the terms to finish it. Leaded? Yes, it is!

Controlling will come after you hand in your work. Like the staff may receive some scores for the job they have done, you will get your mark. You are controlled in this situation and your lecturer is a controller. And finally motivation! As we have written above it can be moral and material. Moral motivation lies in a probable good mark got for your creative writing and also in inspiration and satisfaction produced by a creative task! You will not be paid for your management essay, but imagine that your scholarship depends on this very work, and then it will be material motivation for you.

This simple and non-business example illustrates the management mechanism that works in the business world which understanding is crucial for writing a good management essay. Now we hope that you are motivated and leaded to writing it!

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