Essay structure

Essay structure
Students often ask themselves: “What does the skill of good essay writing means?” The answer is simple. It is an ability to discuss critically and to evaluate certain ideas in the text of the limited size. Any essay is not focused on a simple description of some subject or phenomena, but on the analysis of it. To get a high evaluation of your tutor, you should care for an essay structure.
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The structure of your paper represents the whole paper in general. No matter what topic your research, the right position of the elements of your work shows the logic development of your thought. An essay consists of the following elements:

• Introduction. The purpose of this part is to identify the topic and your point of view about it. If you paper consists of 2000 words, that the introductory part should occupy 200 words approximately. As a rule, this paragraph includes some introductory sentences concerning the main problem and some statements telling what this essay will be about.

• Body. This is the largest part of your text. Here you present a critical discussion of your ideas supported by the works of the authors you have read and applied to. Here you show both your understanding of the subject and an ability to resort to the ideas of other people to form your personal opinion. Each paragraph here contains a main statement of the paragraph, explanation of it from the sources the student applies to, his personal opinion and a concluding sentence, making a link to the next paragraph.

• Conclusion. The aim of a conclusion is to summarize and make final comments about the discussed question. Here you give a brief summary of the main ideas of the essay, concluding evaluative remarks. Don’t forget to say some words about the significance of the topic you were investigating.

In the present text we did our best to make an essay structure absolutely clear to you. We are sure that from now on any paper element or the general scenario of it can be easily developed by our respected students. Don’t hesitate to consult our useful pieces of advice for your promotion as a student.

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