Argument Essay Topics

Argument Essay Topics
A good argumentative essay is the one that deals with some rather controversial question and presents your sound arguments, credible facts and valid evidence to prove that your personal point of view on the given problem is right. Remember that there are no right or wrong positions. There can only be the right proofs of your ideas that can make the audience care, listen to you and take your way of thinking. So to start with, you are to choose proper argument essay topics for your writings you are going to get high grades for.
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Among the most controversial issues that you can centre your research around we can name the following:

• Cultural, Racial and Ethnical issues (racial discrimination, equality, ethnic stereotypes, Affirmative Act, etc);

• Sexuality and Gender issues (prostitution, pornography, homosexualism, sexual education...);

• Advertising, Marketing and Media (mass marketing, consumerism, sexual imagery, violence, the influence of journalists...);

• Environment (global warming, genetically engineered food, littering and recycling...);

• Religion (prayer time in public schools, religious attributes on the money, evolution or creation, Christian Science...);

• Economics (world financial crisis, investments, medical insurance, world currency...);

• Politics (presidential elections, alternative political parties, Republicans and Democrats, American Democracy, checks and balances, foreign policy...);

• Legal issues and issues concerning Crime (capital punishment, juvenile delinquency, privately funded prisons, DNA evidence, terrorism...);

• Education (cheating, prices for college, school funding, public schools, online education, the number of students in groups, courses and classes...);

• Issues concerning Young people and Generation Gap (driver’s license, drinking and smoking age, computer games, internet, higher education, juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, street gangs, marriage age, etc).

These are only few of them. We can also consider such topics as TV, Video and Films; Computer Games and Internet; Medicine; Ethics and Morality; Science, Technology and Biotechnology; Show business, and many others.

But actually, many argument essay topics can be advantageous if taken with creativity and under new angle. Even the most discussed and well known topic can be really interesting and captivating for the audience if described from a new perspective.

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