Ethics Essay

Ethics Essay
We can hear the word ‘ethics’ many times every day on TV, radio or in a usual conversation. But have you ever thought about its meaning? We are sure you have!
But still let’s dedicate this essay for highlighting the meaning of being ethical.

Asked ‘What does ethics mean to you?’ people may answer, ‘Ethics mean to me that I have to do what my feelings tell me to do’ or ‘Being ethical for me means to obey my religious beliefs’ or ‘It has to do with law’ or ‘ I do not know what this word means’. So many people so many answers may appear. How would your answer sound?

Ethics means the kit of moral values and principles of right behaviour. It is obvious that it has nothing to do with church. Of course most of the beliefs preach ethical conduct. But if ethics were close to religion, it would apply to religious people only. Atheists do not deny ethics. They have their own principles and ethical ways of conduct. That’s why we cannot say that religion and ethics are close. Abiding law is not exactly what ethics means. Laws differ from country to country and what is ethical in Africa can be completely deviating in Europe. No French prosecutor will condemn a person to be hanged for drug possession like it would be done in Malaysia.

Some say that acting ethically is doing what society accepts. In most cases ‘Yes’. But ethics is a much more individual thing. It cannot exist on such a widescale level. Just imagine that in order to create your own opinion about the ethical background of making the abortion you will have to hold a survey to find out what the whole society thinks about it. And only then having counted the votes ‘for’ and ‘against’ abortion you will make up your own point of view. It is a little bit complicated, isn’t it?

Nowadays more and more attention is being paid to ‘job ethics’. A company’s personnel is a small society. A certain set of what is ethical and what is not should exist there. Leaking the information, peeping from behind your coworker’s shoulder, stationery stealing, job rumors are not ethical in any job space. Some professions demand even a higher level of ethics, I mean, psychologists, lawyers or politicians.

Thus we can make a conclusion that ethics are closest to neither religion, nor the law, nor the society, but it is close to every person separately. You are the one to make up your ethics kit that will be, of course, highly affected by both society and law and church. But all the same you are a creator! And you are to follow these rules of conduct at home, at job and at the weekend — 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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