Scholarship Essays

Scholarship Essays
How can academic writing be connected to money support for students? Students are given a grant for every written work they hand in. What is special about it? ‘My Destiny Is in My Hands’. ‘The Doors I Have Opened’. What plans have you got for future? What have you already achieved? These points are to be described in your scholarship essays. What is special about this type of students’ writing?
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What do the committee members search for in the candidates? A ponderable level of knowledge? Being highly creative? These things are crucial for each applicant. But the very first thing to be found in you is your personal originality! They are looking for a person to be granted! This person is to be an outstanding one! Be this person! Prove that you are not a regular student. Present yourself as a talented and ambitious one!

As you have guessed your scholarship essay should contain three components. They are your knowledge, your being innovative and your being a Person! How arrange it? First of all define for yourself by what means you will achieve this goal. You may describe an episode from your life. You may describe some event that you consider outstanding. You may use a metaphorical way to lay out the information. The background of your work is very important as it will dictate the mood your readers will get during and after reading your work. Make them feel positive and interested in every word you write!

One more crucial component that is to be found in your work is your future plans. You are to describe all the achievements you are proud of at the moment. But what about future? How can you picture it? How will this grant help you to reach this or that goal? Be true and explain it to your readers. It will be very pleasant for them to see how useful they can be! Perhaps, they will invest in a future well-known scientist who will solve the global warming problem!

Express yourself! Show your originality! Present your personality! Share your ideas about the future! Make your readers feel that they are a part of your plans. Let them have a look at your life and at your life goals. Once they understand your inner world and get imbued with your ideas you may consider yourself a master of scholarship essays!

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