Food Essay

Food Essay
Discussing food is extremely actual today when people are getting more and more obsessed with different diets and we do not know what we are actually eating. We are dedicating this essay to find out how food affects us and what problems may appear with it today.
What do our people like to eat? What do they have for dinner? They may eat whatever they like but as a result the dishes they choose make them healthy and inspired. What can taste like a brainchild? What can be as sweet as a bright conclusion? Is a food essay savoury? Have not tried it? We will bake it for you!

A lot can be said about a person after analyzing how and what he or she eats. What are we then? What will our children become if we take them into fast food restaurants when they are just 3-4 years old? Anorexia, overweight, genetically modified products — these words sound familiar nowadays.

Some years ago anorexia was considered to be the illness of top models. Girls were afraid of gaining some weight in order not to lose their favourite job that they had been moving to for a long time. Today it is not just a problem of small weight. It is a psychological illness as some people who suffer from this disease are extremely afraid of the image they will see in the mirror if they put on some weight. Another problem is the anorexia’s opponent, this is obesity. 47 million people who live in the USA suffer from overweight while 500 million people in the world are trying some diets to lose some weight. Junk food, unhealthy way of life, no sports activities provoke and develop this syndrome. The American journalist was surprised a lot when she saw people watching baseball at the stadium eating hamburgers all game long. Moreover, those hamburgers were ‘sweet’ — instead of a usual bun they contained a doughnut bun. The Americans find such a weird combination as tasty as pizza with pine-apples or peanut butter sandwiches with honey or jam. So every time you are hungry think what affect this or that tasty combination may cause.

The problem of the 21st century is the food problem. But the question is not in its volume but in its quality. People of some countries deserve compassion when due to their social status they cannot afford ecologically clean products and have to consume GMPs or some cheaper ones of lower quality. And some of them even have got no idea what they eat! But such food is like a bad fuel — it provides some energy but at the same time it can destroy the system of your body. This is a real problem that needs rapid solution.

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is the worldwide bestseller and one of the latest movies with Julia Roberts. Upon reading the book or watching the movie we understand that a person depends on food directly. You will not be able to develop your spiritual world or to feel love for somebody or to create something that has never existed before if you are hungry or thirsty. Such is the human nature.

We eat to live not eat to live. May everybody stick to this proverb and be always curious about what they are going to have for dinner. Think in advance whether it will be really useful for you or its taste may do some harm to your health.

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