Classification Essay

Classification Essay
A classification essay is legally considered to be one of the most difficult types of essays that students can be assigned at colleges or universities. It is generally dealing with arranging things into groups or categories, classifying them and analyzing the data. But for researching the question and writing the paper itself you also need to come up with your own principles or rating system for classifying the objects. Of course it may be quite challenging to deal with such kind of an assignment especially if this is your first time you get such a task.
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So if you ask, we’ll say that in your classification essay you need to put things into the proper categories, divided according one principle and present valid examples. Actually, this classifying principle is going to be the thesis statement of your writing. First of all you need to categorize the groups and describe these categories, discussing the main characteristic features of all of them and pointing out differences and similarities of each of these groups. The examples you plan to present in your essay should typically belong to the given group, be its true representative.

The structure of this kind of writing is typical: it has an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. The introduction is traditional containing the thesis statement. The number of the body paragraphs corresponds to the number of categories distinguished by you. First you need to discuss the less important one and go to the most significant one. It is better to limit the number of your categories to three. It would be easier and more convenient. And as usual, the conclusion summarises everything said in the main body of your essay. It is like putting all the categories back together after they have been split up and discussed separately.

And of course the final stage of your classification essay writing is proofreading and editing the document. It should be flawless in terms of grammatical correctness. Give it to somebody else to have a fresh look at it and make sure that the division of categories is adequate and well reasoned and all the categories are represented by the right and vivid examples.

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