Narrative Essay Topic

Narrative Essay Topic
‘The day You Decided to Change Your Life’. ‘Something That Nobody Knows About You. ‘A Place You Would Like to Live in’. What topics can be more individual? Just maybe the task to describe yourself is more personal. These are frequent narrative essay topics. What tools do you need to use to put all your thoughts together into the canvas of narrative essays?
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‘If I Could Turn Back Time’, ‘When I Was a Little Kid’ and ‘3 Things I Am Proud of’ are narrative essay topics that sound completely different. But they all have ‘I’ in their titles. This means that your narration is to be told from the particular point of view and this standpoint is to be yours! For you not to repeat the pronouns I, me, my and mine arrange your work in the form of the dialogue. Your readers will appreciate it more as it is more understandable than a monologue. What plays do you prefer – mono ones or traditional ones with at least two actors playing?

The dialogue technique will introduce your readers to your world! They will be acting as well not just reading your story. They will live your emotions and feelings. They will realize the depth of every single idea you are talking about. And they will estimate how much important this or that moment could be for them. Isn’t it a good approach?

‘This Made Me Laugh!’ and ‘My Friend Was Right…’ are not difficult topics to write on. But you should stick to the narration requirements. And one is that your work should be full of details. What is their purpose? They enhance your work, they explain the entire situation and they supply your work with the background where all the actions will take place. Never state the fact in your work! Your readers are to understand what you are driving at and the details will assist them! Never write things like ‘my friend was right when he advised me…’. Your readers were not with you at that moment. That’s why provide them with the detailed introduction, the theme development and the conclusion. Then they will understand when your friend was right!

Start the dialogue with your readers from the very first lines of your work. Do not retell your story but instead provide your audience with detailed narration of this or that event. Then your works on ‘I Would Like to Invent…’ and ‘My Hero’ will be breathtaking for them. And you will have no difficulties writing on future narrative essay topics!

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