Essay Starters

Essay Starters
What are essay starters? Is it an introductory paragraph of your work or is it just the first sentence of it? Is it a person who has just started creative writing? Let’s find out the meaning of this term right now!
Essay starter is the beginning of an essay, the very first sentences that reveal what you are going to write about. It sounds simple but this very part may forecast the future of your work. If it is boring or if it is simply omitted, there is some doubt that a reader will read it up to the end. In case it is just a regular start, readers will have no favourable impressions left upon reading it. So how attract your readers’ attraction? Here are several tips on how to do it!

What do you call a boat so it will float. Use a proverb or a well-known quote as a starter. Probably, this is the most common way to start creative writing works. And still this is the most effective way to get it started. But make sure that a proverb or a quotation is relevant to the topic and cited correctly.

Start with a question? A good option. You may start your work with either a rhetorical or an introductory question. A rhetorical question, one that does not require the answer, will make your readers think at once about the matter you are going to write about, formulate their own ideas and then compare them to yours. This way leads to thorough reading and keeping your ideas in memory after agreeing or disagreeing to some of them. An introductory question will help you establish the connection with your readers just at the very beginning. It is like the eye-contact with your audience.

Provide your readers with some striking statistics data. A striking figure that will support or contradict your statement can be one of the best beginnings. Not every topic allows you to start so, but if it does, do not miss such an opportunity. The more striking the figure is, the more catchy your work will be!

Are you to write a narrative essay? Start it with the anecdote or a story about you or about someone you know. This funny beginning will let you become familiar to your readers and the joke will make a light push for them to read it through with a high interest. But do not make it too long — 2-3 sentences will be enough. Do not write more as you are not writing about some funny occasions that happened in your life.

The moment you get a good beginning the rest will seem easier to you! Now develop your thoughts in the main body and make an outstanding conclusion at the end. We hope these tips will help you grab your readers’ attention and make your essays captivating from the very first letter!

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