Transition Words for Essays

Transition Words for Essays
Argumentative papers generally deal with some controversial issues and debatable questions. Argumentative topics are usually based on a question that has two or more opposite views and can be treated from various angles and viewed from various perspectives. The author’s task is to present all these controversial viewpoints in the paper but to support only one of them making the readers take his or her position and convincing them that it is the best one.
Website can offer a wide range of topics and ideas for your argumentative essays and papers. You can visit at any time convenient personally for you and choose whatever you like. Just remember that you should be sure about your position as well as the ability to prove it and support it with the valid evidence. Here’s only a short list of probable argumentative topics:

1. Should juveniles be tried and punished as adults?

2. Premarital sex.

3. Should drugs be legalized in medical purposes as a last resort when conventional treatments are ineffective?

4. Surrogate motherhood: banned or regulated by law?

5. Is the corporal punishment effective?

6. Is bilingual education possible in public schools?

7. How can the rights of minorities be protected?

8. Euthanasia: can it be permitted? Should it be protected by the law and to what extent?

9. Prevention and punishment for child molestation and child abuse.

10. American Indians in the 1990s?

11. Regulations of smoking in public places. Should they be imposed by the legal system?

12. Sex and violence on television, in the movies and in the video and computer games.

13. Should privacy be protected as a basic individual right?

14. Should academic freedom for teachers and students be limited by law?

15. Should genetic engineering be controlled by law?

16. Should homosexuals be permitted to serve in the armed forces?

17. Should homosexuals be permitted to adopt children?

18. Should the child day care centers for working parents be provided by the government?

19. Where, how and from what age should sex education be conducted?

20. Should pornography and prostitution be banned or restricted by law?

These are only some of the probable suggested argumentative topics. Each of them can be narrowed down to be more manageable or specific. Each of them can be updated by you to meet your own or the audience’s needs. These are actually only directions of the arguments. But in any case try to consult your instructor first and ask him or her for approval.

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