Scholarship Essay Examples

Scholarship Essay Examples
Scholarship essays are a great way to prove to the college that you can meet their academic requirements. Many colleges have their own guidelines for the essay, if this is the case; follow their rules to the letter. If you do not, they will simply reject your application.
What you want to do is to try to create a generic essay with an interesting topic, this way you can have a basis for all the essays you will need to write, but can tailor each one to the scholarship you are applying for. Below you will find some college scholarship essay examples for you to look at, and help prepare you to write your essay.

Here is a scholarship essay example for you to read. This particular essay sample was written using a personal perspective. This is where the writer tells a story about themselves.

My mother is hearing impaired, and must watch television with the closed captioning on. She came to me one day with an article about a career in closed captioning. She said I should learn court reporting, and use those skills to move into captioning. Initially I dismissed the idea, but as I researched careers, I decided to go ahead and check it out. I was surprised when the career actually sounded good, and it was everything I was looking for.

I did some research on court reporting and closed captioning, which ultimately led me to enroll in your school. My experience at your school has been nothing short of exceptional, and I can feel that the career path I have chosen is the right one for me.

Some scholarship programs will give you a specific subject to write about. Usually relevant to the company or individual that is giving the scholarship. If this is the case, you will need to research the subject fully, and make sure you cover that entire topic in your essay. The topics can be endless; being every program covers a different subject. You may be able to start with a generic essay and then customize it to the topic of each scholarship essay.

You will also need to include a cover letter with your scholarship essay. Also, a nice thank you letter will let the scholarship committee now that you are genuine in your application.

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